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Birds - Sun Conure

Sun Conure

Sun Conures are active, sociable birds. In the wild they live in large flocks and therefore enjoy the company of other birds. Sun Conures love to play and are very inquisitive. While they can be timid and reserved with strangers, they love to be handled and cuddled by their families.

A Sun Conure needs a fairly large conure cage, one that is at least 20 X 20 X 36 and, in all cases, large enough to allow them to spread their wings and one in which their tail will not drag on the bottom of the cage. In addition, Sun Conures do much better if they are allowed out of their cages to roam the house or at least one room each day.

Sun Conures love to climb and to swing and they are great chewers. Offer them at least two swings in their cage along with a variety of toys such as bells and plastic chains that they can swing on. Since they love to chew, it’s a good idea to keep them supplied with a variety of wooden parrot toys that they can chew up. Fresh twigs and untreated leather toys can also be provided to give them something to chew on.

Sun Conures have often been used as watchdogs because of their tendency to listen closely or investigate if they hear an unusual noise or sense anything unusual. Their piercing shriek will alert the owner to intruders.

All Conures are noted for their loud screams, which can be quite disturbing. If your new Sun Conure tends to scream too often and too loudly, blowing in his face will soon teach him that this is not an acceptable behavior. This technique is also effective for Conures that want to bite.