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Birds - Lorikeets


There are several subspecies of eclectus parrots and the female feather color patterns in those subspecies vary according to the subspecies, from having a blue breast and belly to having a lavender breast or purple breast Males will also vary from a bright yellowish green to a dark emerald green DISTRIBUTION:


These birds are strong fliers and on long flights, they fly high above the forest canopy. Calling loudly, pairs or small parties travel widely through the upper canopy in search of fruits, nuts, nectar and leaf buds. In the evening they engage in display flights before gathering in large groups of up to 80 birds to roost for the night.

They have two distinct calls. In flight a harsh, screeching is repeated three or four times. While feeding they have a wailing cry or a mellow flute-like call.


Eclectus parrots feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, leaf buds, blossoms and nectar, all of which are procured mainly in the treetops.

Growth And Reproduction

The nest is in a hole in the trunk of a tall tree standing near the edge of the forest or in a clearing in the forest.

Two eggs are laid on wood chips lining the bottom of the hollow. The female, who sits at the nest, is fed at frequent intervals by the male. Only the female broods, and does so for 28 days. She leaves the nest about twice a day to be fed by the male. The young birds leave the nest at a little over 12 weeks after hatching.